Are you losing your customers in luggage business? Know where are you lacking

GPS luggage

With growing time and technology, every old idea is renovated. Unlike other industry, Luggage industry is rapidly developing. Nowadays trends are not walking they are running with the speed of time. Every new day brings new innovation. From lock features to track features now your luggage got almost everything. But still there are some luggage brands that are losing their hold on targeting customers. There can be end number of reasons why you are losing customers. Let us discuss why some brands are facing problems (losing customers):

Outdated Designed Product: This can be the prime factor why your baggage is not getting attention. New is style and style is trending and if your industry still follows that old bulky suitcase design than its time to follow what people really want.  Think with the perspective of a customer why would anyone consider an old designed baggage over the new stylish design.

Quality of the Product: Well, many of the time we fail to deliver good quality in low budget. For a buyer quality is topmost priority after all he/she is spending hard-earned money on it. Give the best to your customers.

Easy-To-Roll Wheels: Four wheels or two? It depends on the requirement and design. A well designed wheeled bag is more likely to get chosen as compared to other baggage.

Powerpack baggage: It is one of the trending features been added in every backpack. Today everyone carry their mobile phone and laptop with them. With a Powerpack baggage you don’t have to worry about the battery drainage issue.

Luggage tracker: One of the most demanding features is GPS Luggage tracking solution. Ever heard of a smart luggage? Smart luggage has a built-in tracking device, powerpack, remote locking etc. To make your luggage cooler you can use luggage tracking system. With this GPS luggage tracking you will never lose your bag again.

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