Asset Tracking

ThinkRace Technology designed the highly flexible GPS asset tracking and management platform to work the way your business demands. This wireless asset tracking is the ideal choice for your business and easy way to operate. Our asset tracking is equipped with all the necessary features that are required to complete the whole tracking process. Through our mobile or web platform we try to provide an intuitive interface that makes it easy to work from any location.

Our remote asset tracking system keeps the track of your valuable goods and provides you a peace of mind. We provide ODM/OEM/JDM services so that companies can build their own GPS asset tracking system with their Company’s brand or logo.

Asset Trackers

Luggage Tracker
With ultra-long standby battery, track every movement of your luggage throughout your trip. Apart from tracking you even get an illegal removal alarm feature that notifies you when the tracking device is removed from your luggage without your consent.

Vehicle Tracker
Vehicle tracker helps you to track the live geo-location of your vehicle when it hits the road. Our vehicle tracking device comes with other useful features like real-time tracking, history route, geo-fencing, driving behavior and vehicle pre-diagnostic.


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Asset Tracking Product Range

ThinkRace Technology provides wide range of asset monitoring software for the safety of your valuable goods. Our team of engineers can easily modify the product as per your business requirement. Connect with us in case of any query.

Luggage Tracker

Luggage Tracker

Losing your luggage during a trip is the most common issue among travelers. But ThinkRace Technology has made luggage tracking easier by introducing AT15 GPS luggage tracker. Our luggage locator can track your lost or missing luggage via GPS technology. We even provide luggage tracker ODM/OEM/JDM services so that client can create own tracking system with their Company’s name. With our App & Application platform directly track your luggage on your mobile devices or web platform.

Vehicle Tracker

Just like luggage tracker we have manufactured vehicle tracking system that provide complete tracking for your vehicle like car, bike, truck, bus and other vehicles. Get the real-time location of your vehicles directly on your mobile device from anywhere across the world. Through this tracking solution ThinkRace Technology has given complete solution for fleet managers. Along with real-time geo-location on map this tracking device gives you other advanced features and reports. We provide customized app & application platform so that our clients/partners can easily track their vehicle from mobile phone or web platform.

car-safety gadget

Our Clients of Asset Tracking Products

ThinkRace have partners from all over the world. We provide OEM/ODM/JDM services to our clients/partners, we share the same vision with our partner to provide safety & fitness solution for the people all over the world. If you like to become one of them, please contact us.

To get more information about Asset Tracking Products dealership & partnership policies and for placing bulk order inquiries, please contact.

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