ThinkRace is providing very valuable service to our clients/partners, we are very strong at the hardware and software development, we are open to share the technology and information with our partners. We are able to offer one stop solution for wearable devices which can help our clients/partners to build their brand in the local market easily. Our goal is to develop and grow our relationships with our clients/partners. We consider ourselves an innovative and professional company, and will treat all of our clients/partners with integrity in a consistent and straightforward manner.

How we pick partners

We will only pick one partner in a territory for a specific product, After we pick a partner he will be exclusive for that territory, so we are very serious on picking a partner. We would like to see our partner have passion on the IOT/wearable products and focus on provide safety solution for family, they are proven the ability, experience and engineering background to successfully sell our products and are committed to representing and growing their business with ThinkRace. We also appreciate that our clients/partners believe the partnership relationship is valuable for both side.

How we help our partners

We will provide competitive price hardware with very strong software and mobile app, we will make it easy for our partners by working with us. We are open to have discussion on customized products, OEM, software development, and system maintenance. To know more about our service Please click Service on the top menu.