Family Safety

With rapid change in security environment, the well-being of our family members is our major concern. Main concern is for the children and the elderly parents. Being a guardian, it is very important to know their whereabouts and well being all the time. We can contact our elderly parents via mobile phone but giving a Smartphone to your kids is not a good idea. To overcome this situation, ThinkRace Technology a leading GPS smartwatch manufacturer developed smartwatch for both kids and elderly people. Our aim is to provide them a GPS tracker watch that works as a phone, locator and emergency alert device.

We uses advanced GPS smartwatch technology to provide accurate location of your family members. In this GPS safety tracker our team has equipped some of the safety features that are very helpful in any emergency case. SOS panic button will help them to contact you in case of any urgent situation. Geo-fencing helps guardian to create a safe zone for both kids and elderly parents.

We provide complete smartwatch ODM/OEM/JDM services so that companies can create their own GPS tracking brand.

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Family Safety Products

Kid Safety Wearables

To safeguard your little ones our kids safety wearable’s are very helpful as it provides real-time tracking, geo-fencing, SOS panic button to alert you in emergency situation, two-way calling so that you are always connected with them.

Elder Care GPS Watch

ThinkRace Technology has converged safety and security into a mini GPS watch. Now easily track your elderly real-time location, monitor their health, SOS emergency button and two-way communication so that you always stay near to them with a single tap of button.


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Kids Safety

Our kids’ safety watch allows you to remotely monitor the real-time location of your child. With our wearable safety watch you are always near to your little ones. Keep an eye on their real-time location, distance travelled, moreover to safeguard their location you can create a safe zone and get alerted when they try to exit it.

Our wearable GPS locator has helped many education sectors, institution and foster homes to keep their adventurous children safe without their presence. Our inbuilt safety features have helped them to safeguard their children without killing their fun. You can also customize our product as per your business need.

GPS Watch for kids
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Elderly Care

We understand that every age group demands differently. Thus our engineers have manufactured elderly smartwatch in such a way that it meets the demand of the caretaker. We have inbuilt a health monitoring feature that helps you to keep an eye on their health along with their real-time location. Our smartwatch for elderly have GPS connection, two-way calling, SOS button and a heart rate sensor feature to keep a track of their health.

Start with ThinkRace Technology to build your own family safety tracking system. Our OEM/ODM/JDM services have helped many clients/partners from all over the world. We provide perfectly integrated wearable device for your customers to use on a daily basis. Get in touch with us if you want to build your family GPS tracking device.


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