Mini GPS tracker PT37

Model No: PT37

The newly-launched PT37 personal GPS tracker gives you completely new level of awareness and convenience. Its compact and lightweight design gives excellent mobility and reliability. Loaded with GPS and LBS positioning enables you to view real-time location from computer, tablet or smart phone. The mini locator device is ideal for kids, elder and people with special needs. The personal tracking device is equipped with other important features like GPS technology, SOS emergency call, voice monitoring, two-way calling, geo-fencing etc.

personal mini tracker Pt37


  • Positioning
    GPS+LBS dual-mode positioning
  • GEO Fence
    Geo fence alarm for entry & exit area
  • Real-time Tracking
    Easy real-time tracking
  • History Playback
    Historical Trajectory funtion
GPS mini tracker
  • One Touch SOS
    One touch SOS button in case of emergency
  • Voice Monitoring
    Can easily monitor voice
  • Save power mode
    Sleep-in mode save power
  • Sleek Design
    Cost effective stable and easy to use


Hardware Specification




25 Gms


Gloss black


Power button/SOS button

GPS Antenna

High sensitive ceramics active antenna

GSM Antenna

Four frequency PIFA antenna



SIM Card




I/O Port

USB charge

GSM/GPS Specification


MTK MT2503

GPS chip



Class 12

GPS Signal

L1,1575.42MHz C/A

GPS Channel Number

22 channels

GPS Chip Receive Sensitivity

Tracking sensitivity:-165dBm,capture sensitivity:-148dBm

GPS Location Accuracy


LBS Location Accuracy


Minimum Standby Current

Less than 0.5 mA

Average Standby Current

Less than 2.5 mA

Average Working Current

About 55mA

Working Temperature


Working Humidity

5% to 95% non-congealable

Test and Certification

Can pass 3C and CE certification

GPS Antenna

High sensitive ceramics active antenna

GSM Antenna

Four frequency PIFA antenna





Software Specification

Support Operating System

Support 2.3 and above system, IOS5.0 and above

Call Function

Two way talk/remote voice monitor

Language Support

Simplified Chinese, English
Compatible with support for multi-languages


GPS+LBS positioning

Support AGPS

Cool start 26 seconds positioning

Call Function

SOS call ,voice monitoring,white list do not disturb mode

Power Management

Ultra-low consumption of power management, intelligent dormancy

One Key Emergency

SOS one button emergency call, auto-dialing

Smart Geo-fence

Can automatic alarm when out of range

Historical Route

Can check three months’ historical route

Wireless Upgrading

Software remote upgrading, remote debugging maintenance, remote setting parameters

GPS mini tracker PT37

Always stay connected

With the inbuilt MIC and speaker, the mini GPS system makes two-way communication and remote voice monitoring possible. No matter where you go always stay connected to your dearer ones with mini GSM GPRS GPS tracker.

ThinkRace Technology is one of the leading GPS tracker manufacturers, built a robust GPS tracking product for educational institutes, old-age homes, foster homes, nursing homes, and hospitals, MNCs, construction area, coal mines, offices and companies. Our team provides customized GPS tracking ODM/OEM/JDM solution with customized app and application service. It is the best mini tracker that gives reliable connectivity and communication.

Smaller in size bigger in work

SOS and geo-fencing features make it the best mini GPS tracker. Now let your loved ones contact you via SOS button in any emergency. OR you can create a safe area for them with geo-fencing. With mini GPS tracker app view the live location directly from your mobile device or computer.

Mini personal GPS Tracker PT37

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