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A self-installed tracking solution for your car developed by ThinkRace Technology! The OBD tracking factory provides a radiant solution for fleet tracking management. Start collecting Telematics data with easy to connect OBD tracker into the OBD II diagnostic port of the vehicle and get software in the form of reports.

OBD tracker can be used in any car or van manufactured after 1996. OBD device is a plug& play device that connects to the OBD port of the car. A technological progression and easily approachable tracking device for both personal car owners and businesses!

The most widespread business uses of OBD tracking solutions are transportation, professional services, construction, technology, wholesale and retail and healthcare and social care.

With car tracker ODM/OEM/JDM services, you can build your GPS OBD tracking brand and give your great ideas a stage of usable products and services.

Smart Device for Cars

Being a leader of OBD tracker wholesaler, we are providing you simply plug& play version of car tracking device! A tracking device that is able to track the real-time location. A simple installation is what this OBD 2 tracker design needs. Turn yourself into a smart driver and your car into a smart car with a GPS locator device.


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All Products of OBD tracker manufacturer

Get acquainted with the entire range of tracking solutions reliant on your business purpose. If you are not able to find the exact need for you, feel free to contact us. We will talk about in detail about your requirements as we are able to extend the novel hardware or firmware for you.

Simple Plug & Play Device for your CAR

Get not only delivers real-time tracking with OBD tracking solution which is equipped with reading the information from the vehicle. Observe the Engine fault codes, and monitor real-time statistics such as Engine RPM, vehicle speed, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), etc.

A Plug in GPS tracker for car which can be fitted in seconds and is suitable for cars and light commercial vehicles! This tracking solution from car tracker manufacturer attaches rapidly and simply to the OBD II diagnostic port of the car to detain telemetric data which will help in monitoring of assets and fortification against misuse.

GPS location

Get rid of typical fixed GPS hardwired into your vehicles. Move on to the 21st century and use your smart phones to track your fleet. Utilizing mobile phones as an option to fixed GPS unit which permits you to get more features with zero installation costs. The car tracking technology support real time GPS tracking, Geo-fence base on GPS remotely, all GPS data transmit to server backend via GSM network.

Mileage analysis and report

Get an analytical report on the tracking mobile app Amber OBD and platform with a user-friendly console that shows total mileage, high-speed mileage, over-speed mileage, middle-speed mileage, low-speed mileage by the side of the equivalent time and percentage for a better understanding of the user. 99.9 percent of accuracy rates are shown by OBD tracker when storing the original data from ECU (Engine Control Unit).

Fuel consumption monitor analysis

Manage your fleet with the help of total fuel consumption, over-speed fuel consumption, high-speed fuel consumption, middle-speed fuel consumption, low-speed fuel consumption, idle fuel consumption; each part of the corresponding percentage, accuracy can be reached to 99.5%. Get our OBD GPS tracker for car for fuel consumption report.

Driving behavior analysis

The over speed driving, hard acceleration, accurate detect, hard deceleration, sharp turn, urgent lanes change, hard refuel, hard breaking, fatigue driving and so on is driving behavior analysis of OBD 2 technology focus on. Using the Big Data technology, you can store the data after every trip ends and the data in the database for future reference for scenarios like Usage Base Insurance (UBI).

Vehicle health detect

Detection of a vehicle’s health is a leading function of our OBD GPS tracker. The diagnostic tool of OBD vehicle tracker prop up faults like power charging system detects, emission system detects, engine system detects, cooling system detects, throttle system detects, an idle system detects, error code read and error code clean. Serving 300 kinds of parts and systems detection, comprehensive and complete detection saving the vehicle maintenance money is what we center on.

OTA upgrade support

Having expertise and accomplished team, we are competent to upgrade Software and firmware of any vehicle. With the assist of OTA upgrade support for our clients for data-driven development to reduce the vehicle maintenance. With the help of OBD vehicle tracking device, we are helping the small OBD tracker dealers, insurance companies, fleet management companies, telecom companies & others businesses. Avail end-to-end OTA solutions, tools and preparations to fetch the updated files and the execution of the upgrading process as per the order.

Trip report

Get reports for many purposes with the help of OBD car tracker. From a daily report to weekly to monthly on mileage, total fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, driving behavior report, a summary report is important data from the perspective of cost savings and economic efficiency. OBD tracking system can attain this goal, for UBI business, fleet management profit.

Power saving and SIM data saving

GPS tracker for your car is competent and has power saving & SIM data management system. The battery can last for over 15 days in parking as it has best quality battery along with the sleep mode of 8mA only and timely waking up in every 6 hours. For the data savings, the upload time is not strict between 2 to 30 seconds and it works in small data packages of 60-80 bytes, making the history route smooth while updating in every 30 seconds.

All kinds of Alarms

The OBD tracking technology is outfitted with the multi-alarm feature that entails of- bad driving behavior alarm, remove out alarm, vibration alarm, engine failure alarm, long time idling alarm, towing alarm, charging circuit abnormal alarm. Keeps a tab on your fleet with the help of web tracking platform and App.

Software support service

A portable GPS tracking device that is pooled with web tracking platform, iOS application, Android application, and Open API! We have more than 80 engineers and a team that is working 24*7 make us the unique OBD China suppliers and manufacturers. Let us take care of all your technical issues like the server, database, gateway, API, web tracking platform, iOS, and Android Apps.

Our Clients of OBD Car tracker

We provide OBD tracking ODM/OEM/JDM services to our clients/partners from all over the world. Our team delivers endless possibilities to be efficient and to be customized. Contact ThinkRace to get your solution right now!

To get more information about OBD Tracker Products dealership & partnership policies and for placing bulk order inquiries, please contact.

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