Protect & secure your child using the latest GPS Technology

GPS Child Tracker PT401

In the modern world, crime is increasing day by day at an alarming rate posing a threat to the social welfare of the public. Still, most of us tend to put our safety at stake. Whether it be our spouse, elders or children, we are not at all bothered to safeguard any of them and are busy in our rat race. With the escalating cases of child abduction and violence, it has become extremely important to take some measures for the protection of our children.

Technology is playing a crucial role in the establishment of a plethora of new gadgets that can help humankind in more than one ways. One such gadget is 4G Kids GPS Smart Watch PT401 by ThinkRace Technology, one of the leading manufacturer of innovative technological products. The watch has been designed to entertain as well as safeguard our little kids. It helps detect the accurate position of your child using the Global Positioning Systems and displays the tracking history of 3 months.

The Kids GPS tracker watch has a multitude of features to engage and enhance the creativity of kids. The watch is integrated with a camera that can be used to click a picture and shoot a video and has the multi-media support to play 3gp and mp4 videos. Also, it enables two-way communication, i.e., one may dial and answer specific contacts and send voice messages through the medium of the watch.

We know that kids forget everything and make a real fuss while playing. Therefore, we have created a waterproof GPS tracker watch to make sure that your child’s security does not tamper at any cost. In addition, the watch has an SOS button that can be used in emergency situations. It will automatically trigger an urgent call to alert the parents about the whereabouts of their child.

It is said that a person is known by the company he keeps. With the GPS tracker watch, you will be able to keep an eye on the playmates of your child. You can listen to his surroundings and judge if he is in good company or not through the voice monitoring feature of our device. Another remarkable feature of this wearable GPS tracking device is its health monitoring function. It has an inbuilt pedometer that can assist you in calculating the steps taken by your child as well as the calories burnt. It also records the mileage of your kid so that you can take the necessary measures to improvise their health.

The watch tracking device hosts a plethora of many more features such as a calculator, stopwatch, calendar and alarm clock that can enhance the studies of your child by developing their time-management techniques from a very young age. Thus, this device is an essential equipment to safeguard your kids and promote their overall growth and development.