Smart Fitness Wristband H11

Model No: H11
H11 is the best fitness band with heart rate monitor feature manufactured by ThinkRace Technology. This fitness bracelet has inbuilt bluetooth that tracks your everyday activities like steps taken, heart rate, calorie burned, distance travelled etc. This fitness tracker watch monitors your sleep time with sleep quality report, helping you to form a good habit.

Our bluetooth fitness band comes with other useful features like call & SMS reminder, sedentary reminder, event reminder that notifies you to perform the right task at right time. To know more about our fitness tracker watch dealership & partnership policies contact us:

Smart Fitness Bracelet H11




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    Dynamic UI Screen display band
    Our engineers have designed user-friendly interface with the help of Dynamic UI.
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    Track your activity
    Now you can easily monitor step, distance travelled and calorie burned.
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    Monitor your sleep
    Get the complete report on your sleep duration and sleep quality.
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    Get reminded about your important event through our reminder feature.
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    Shake to take photos
    Simply shake your wearable fitness bracelet to click photos.
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    Sedentary reminder
    Our fitness tracker watch reminds you to do some physical activities.
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    SUOTA function
    Upgrade your fitness bracelet firmware through the APK/APP.


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    Synchronous data to mobile applications
    Now you can easily view your tracked data via your mobile device, all you need to do is to synchronize your gadget data on your iOS or android device.
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    Exercise setting & sports data share on social media
    Share your daily exercise report with your social media connections. Let your connection know your fitness goal.
  • High quality rechargeable polymer lithium ion battery
    The wearable device uses high quality rechargeable battery that helps to power up your gadget all day long.
  • Quick charge and long standby time
    With quick charging and ultra-long standby battery track your activities without any glitch.
  • Fast and stable bluetooth products
    With built-in bluetooth feature connect wirelessly with other devices.
  • Compatible Android and IOS system
    This wearable device comes with a compatible solution for both android and iOS devices.
bluetooth fitness tracker bracelet

H11 is the best fitness tracker device that is armed with other useful functions like calorie burned, steps taken, pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor etc. With this device you will have a clear picture of your health. With IP67 waterproof rating this device comes with a rough outdoor use. Now work harder to achieve your goal.

Basic parameters

Product Specification

LCD specification 0.96″ IPS Screen 80*160
Touch screen specification One key bottom
Battery capacity 120MAH
Vibration Support
Antenna Bluetooth
Download data No
Recharged method USB recharge
HW platform NRF52832
Front baes IC 16B
Heart-rate HSC300
Bluetooth BLE 4.0
Sensor BOSH

Monitor your sleep time and quality

H11 smart fitness band helps you to stay active
all day long. This fitness tracker bracelet not only monitors your health but even help
you to meet your goal. Apart from heart monitoring it monitors your sleep hours and sleep quality.

Share your daily activity on social media

Make fitness a fun. Let your connection know your
fitness goal. Share your daily activity with your friends on social media. Merge your exercising life
with social media platform. The ultra long standby battery let you track your activity all day long without any worry.

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