Spreading the love of cars senza preoccupazioni through the latest GPS tracking systems.

4G OBD car tracker

A country of car lovers, Italy is a home to the popular car manufacturing companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini. It is well known for its car museums and car enthusiasts all over the world come to visit this country just to enjoy a ride in one of the vintage cars and experience the thrills of a unique drive. With a history of starting the Formula1, Italian tourism industry offers you to run the hot wheels and experience the sheer delight of driving in the most royal sense. One can hire from a multitude of super elite cars such as Ferrari, Pagani, Alfa Romeo, Masterati and so on. People usually rent cars and go for long drives along the beaches and car tracks and live their dream of riding a top-notch car.

At the same time, it is equally important that the car companies that provide these exquisite cars for rent take measures to protect the car from any kind of damage or theft. One needs to incorporate GPS tracking devices in these cars in order to secure them. There are many GPS tracking devices in the market but you deserve the best for the first-grade cars which are just too expensive to be carelessly handled.

ThinkRace Technology brings to you the latest technology ridden product, 4G OBD Wi-Fi GPS Tracker VT400 to ensure the safety and security of your car. It is a simple plug and plays device with a multitude of features that will enhance the protection of your car. It tracks the location of your car using the GPS (Global Positioning System) and the LBS (location-based service) technology and keeps you updated about the position of your car. It works upon the advanced technique of MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport).

One needs to be cautious of the unsafe places while driving an expensive car. A tourist may not know about such places and may end up in trouble. Therefore, it is crucial to creating awareness about the dangerous places where one might get trapped in risky situations. But it is not possible to guide every individual about the treacherous domains of Italy. Our GPS tracking device with its impressive feature of geo-fencing can help you mark the particular areas where the car needs to be driven. The moment the car gets out of these marked areas you will be alerted about its location enabling you to take proper action at the right time.

The key features of 4G OBD Wi-Fi GPS Tracker VT400 are:

• High accuracy location
• Supports 4G network
• Real-time location
• Multi-alarm
• Vehicle detect
• Internal 3-axis accelerometer for motion detection and driving behaviour analysis

People are crazy over cars and have a fantasy to drive these high-class cars. By giving them an opportunity to fulfil their desires, car-renting agencies try to make their dreams come true. Now with the advanced GPS tracking device, you can rent your cars without any worries of damage or disposal.